“Be Yourself” Shirt Design For Sale at Selflesstee


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"Be Yourself" Shirt design for Selflesstee/NCADV

Final “Be Yourself” Shirt design for Selflesstee/NCADV

The awesome folks at Selflesstee hired me to create a t-shirt design to benefit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Each shirt purchased goes to benefit the NCADV, and features a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I’m extremely happy with how the typography turned out! It was a challenge to make so many words work seamlessly together in this style of execution. Here’s what my first draft looked like before I changed my mind, since it ended up being too horizontal to work on a t-shirt:

First draft for "Be Yourself" which wound up getting scrapped.

First draft for “Be Yourself” which wound up getting scrapped. The composition was too horizontal, but I still liked some of the elements of this first design.

You can purchase the design for the next week only through this link:


You guys should pick them up. The prints look lovely, and the proceeds go to a good cause!

Winebocon 2013

A few weeks ago my good friend, and fellow cartoonist, Chris Kawagiwa and I headed up to Santa Barbara to meet up with fellow threadless artists for an event they have yearly called Winebocon. It was a lovely weekend full of fun wine drinking with awesome folks, Threadless staff, and designers, and featured an open bar where we got the chance to try some high end whiskey for free. Overall, it was amazing.

Threadless has been such an important community throughout my illustration career, and is generally an inspiring community both on the corporate and personal level. Check out the amazing websites and portfolios of the awesome folks we got to meet/chat with (and their threadless usernames):

Rachel Ray Gun

Priscilla Wilson aka valorandvellum (organized the entire Winebocon event!)

Dustin Henderlong aka dhendy

Dan Yingling

Craig Shimala aka shimala

Philip Tsend aka Philip

Janice Go aka 6of15

Jan Avendano aka Funkie Fresh

Ryder Doty aka Ryder Revolution

Jason Liwag aka the jAsian

Julia Sonmi Huglund aka Sonmi

Twiggy Hall

Andy Pitts aka Everything

Justin White aka Jublin


Jared Stumpenhorst aka jstumpenhorst

Brian Cook aka Chengui

Amy Shultz aka amstrak01

Mike Bautista aka Steve the Great

Randy aka ir0ck0

Seth Bensusen aka 5eth


Unfortunately, I didn’t take any pictures of the event, but fun was definitely had, and I’ll be sure to attend next year. Afterward, on the way back from Santa Barbara, Chris and I stopped by LA Zine Fest, where I picked up loads of mini comics and zines, and I’ll be blogging about in a few hours on my webcomic site Quarterlystories.com.

My wrap-up of LA ZINE Fest:  http://quarterlystories.com/la-zine-fest-2013-highlights/