New T-Shirt for Sale!

Screen Shot of the t-shirt design up for sale on selflesstee here:

Screen Shot of the t-shirt design up for sale on selflesstee here:

SelflessTee, the amazing client I’ve done quite a few custom typographic designs for, has put up my latest design for sale on their website. The type reads “Live Like Your Future Depends on It” and part of the proceeds of the shirt go directly to Women’s Voices for the Earth, an awesome non-profit that fights for Consumer facing awareness campaigns andis fighting for Government & Corporate Policy changes.

Here’s an awesome view of the full design:

Women's Voices for the Earth Final T-Shirt Design

Women’s Voices for the Earth Final T-Shirt Design

The shirts look lovely, and you should definitely go to the website and purchase a copy of this shirt here: while they’re still available to order!

And, for those of you process geeks out there, here’s a few different phases of roughs this went through to get to the final stage:

Rough1 womens voices

Rough1 womens voices

First rough idea was a much different silhouette.


Rough #2 for Women’s Voices

Second Rough was too masculine in the clients viewpoint, although I might use the girl’s pose for a later design some time, as I feel it had some really awesome movement to it.

First Final Draft

First Final Draft

After receiving approval to go with rough version #1, I created this draft, but they felt that it was too victorian, and needed a more contemporary feel, which is how we settled on the final image (at the top of this blog post).

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Screen shot 2013-05-29 at 7.22.37 AM

I created the design above inspired by what I’ve been posting on Quarterly Stories, and you might even notice the design features the young Josh character design from Chapter Two. I’ve put it up for the ongoing Design By Humans competition, and if it wins, they’ll print it on a t-shirt. They’ll also provide me with some money, which would allow me some time to write and work on the next chapter of the book.

So, if you’re a fan of the web-comic so far, and would like a fun, free way to show your support for Quarterly Stories, please click this link: and leave a vote/comment showing your support. I’ve highlighted the area to click to vote above.

It’d also make a really amazing shirt!

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading and supporting Quarterly Stories with donations, comments, getting the word out on social media, and reviews. You guys have really helped this thing keep going!