Sea Themed Art Print WIP

So, my wife, Mai S. Kemble, has been creating awesome apparel illustrations for the German fashion label Fadenrot for years. They have been lovely clients to work with, and have hired me to do a few designs for them in the past as well. Anyhow, this time, they hired both Mai and I to do fabric pattern illustrations with a maritime theme. Mai’s handling the women’s end, and they’re having me do one for mens. Mai posted her roughs for the pattern, and some w.i.p.s on her blog here: And I got inspired to post my progress on the illustration here:


These are the first roughs for the pattern, which they wanted to have mermaids, pirates, sea time stuffs, ect… Really excited with how this one’s turning out, and am definitely looking forward to hearing their feedback! I hope Mai and I get to do more husband/wife work for clients in the future, as it’s been super fun!

One thought on “Sea Themed Art Print WIP

  1. Oh sweet that must be fun to work with your wife on and illustration job like that! I’ve been thinking about looking into this kind of work as well. Especially if it’s structured in a licensing type of agreement. I think all us illustrators would do well to get paid multiple time’s from one set of illustrations! Good work man! I look forward to seeing how the finished pattern comes out. I always thought it was interesting how patterns repeat sometimes in a way that seems seamless.

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