“Be Yourself” Shirt Design For Sale at Selflesstee


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"Be Yourself" Shirt design for Selflesstee/NCADV

Final “Be Yourself” Shirt design for Selflesstee/NCADV

The awesome folks at Selflesstee hired me to create a t-shirt design to benefit the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence. Each shirt purchased goes to benefit the NCADV, and features a quote by Ralph Waldo Emerson. I’m extremely happy with how the typography turned out! It was a challenge to make so many words work seamlessly together in this style of execution. Here’s what my first draft looked like before I changed my mind, since it ended up being too horizontal to work on a t-shirt:

First draft for "Be Yourself" which wound up getting scrapped.

First draft for “Be Yourself” which wound up getting scrapped. The composition was too horizontal, but I still liked some of the elements of this first design.

You can purchase the design for the next week only through this link:


You guys should pick them up. The prints look lovely, and the proceeds go to a good cause!

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