Jacob’s Apartment Page 81 Process

As I’ve said, I’m going to be posting more of my work in progress, because I personally like seeing that on artist’s blogs. Here’s page 81 of Jacob’s Appartment in progress, I’ll post more on this blog as I go through the different stages.
First, I start my pages by loosely thumbnailing/writing the page. At this stage it’s embarrassingly rough:
Then I proceed to rule out the panel borders, and do penciling with a mechanical pencil:
I then use circle templates, my rolling ruler, and a micron to rule out the hard lines and shapes:
Next, I ink the panels, using microns, my pilot pocket brush pen, and clean up little errors with a white out pen… Then I erase the underlying pencils and sweep off the shavings with a brush:
Then, I clean up the inks in photoshop after scanning in the ink work:

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